ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Officials with the Monroe County Department of Social Services are warning the public of a new uptick in EBT thefts in our region.

According to MCSS, there’s been an increase in reports of clients’ SNAP or temporary assistance accounts being compromised within the last week.

The county made the announcement one day after News 8 reported on a Rochester man who fell victim to an EBT theft. His EBT card was declined at the register after a $279 transaction was made in Decatur Georgia the same morning he received his monthly benefit. 

It’s a problem seen nationwide.

The county says it is working to restore benefits as soon as possible for those affected. In the meantime, anyone who has an EBT card is advised to closely monitor their transactions and immediately report any suspicious activity on their account.

The county is also streamlining the benefit replacement application process in anticipation of potential issues. Anyone who needs replacement benefits will be required to fill out the benefits replacement form and visit the Monroe County Department of Social Services at 691 St. Paul Street to get a new EBT card and PIN.