ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County wants to know how slow your internet is and has launched a new survey to figure it out.

In conjunction with Magellan Advisors, The Monroe County Broadband Advisory Task Force is seeking information on the efficacy of internet service in low-income and rural areas throughout the county.

“Nearly one-fifth of city households and one-third rural households do not have access to
high-speed internet. In the year 2022, that is unacceptable,” County Executive Adam Bello stated in a press release. “This survey is two-fold as it will identify the barriers and locations that prevent access to
affordable high-speed internet and help us structure a plan to provide quality internet access
to all of our residents. In return, better access to high-speed broadband also will attract new
businesses to our region, drive economic growth, support education and strengthen our

The move comes just days after Greenlight Networks, a fiber-optic internet service provider founded in Rochester, was acquired by a New York City private equity firm.

The survey includes an internet speed test. The task force recommends that residents take the survey using a laptop plugged into their home or business router. For residents who are only able to connect with a smartphone, they request connecting to home or work Wi-Fi and not cellular data.

Ideally, the task force requests users take the survey between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. during peak internet usage times.

Take the survey in either English or Spanish by clicking here. As a last resort, physical copies of the survey are also available at any library within the Monroe County library system.