ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County Executive Adam Bello is wading into the fight over redistricting.

He and the legislature’s Democratic caucus held a news conference Thursday to push back against the proposal that would create five districts in which a majority of voters are Black.

Supporters of that plan, like Democratic legislator Rachel Barnhart, argue those five districts are mandated under the Voting Rights Act. But Thursday, Bello called upon two legal experts who countered saying the move would be unconstitutional.

“If you take minority districts that are less than 50% minority voting age population and arbitrarily increase them to 50% and weaken other districts that would no longer be able to continue to elect preferred candidates,” attorney Jeff Wice said.

Bello is now calling for a restart of the redistricting process, adding his administration will produce its own map. Meanwhile, supporters of the five majority Black district proposal held a rally Thursday.

Response from Monroe Co. Legislature President Sabrina LaMar