ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County has introduced a 24-hour opioid hotline and expanded naloxone availability in a bid to strengthen its opioid crisis response.

County Executive Adam Bello announced the changes Thursday, in a mission to quell the opioid and fentanyl addiction rates in the county and prevent opioid overdose-related fatalities.

Naloxone, the generic form of Narcan, is an emergency treatment used on someone actively experiencing an opioid overdose.

According to county representatives, 50 cabinets containing 12 doses of life-saving naloxone nasal spray will be strategically placed throughout community and business locations where overdoses are more likely to occur.

The cabinets, which are being installed Thursday, are being placed in locations such as motels, gas stations, small retail businesses, and convenience stores, decided to data from IMPACT, or the Improving Addiction Coordination Team.

Additionally, a new opioid hotline number, 585-753-5300, will be staffed 24/7 by IMPACT clinicians, with the goal of connecting callers to crisis services, naloxone deliveries and training faster.

To help spread the message about the hotline and other available resources, representatives with the county said they’ve also launched an ad campaign, promoting the hotline on billboards, posters, and social media. A vehicle advertising IMPACT will also be used for daily outreach and education, officials said.

“Opioid and fentanyl addiction is a family disease — it affects more than just the individual using drugs. The families of individuals caught in opioid addiction also suffer and need support,” County Executive Bello said. “The hotline can provide help and support for individuals and families impacted by opioids and fentanyl addiction.”