ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Faith leaders in Rochester gathered Monday evening to discuss recent actions that they say are a threat to the Black community.

Specifically, the group discussed Monroe County Executive Adam Bello’s veto of the “Crescent” redistricting map. Supporters of the map said that it would create five majority Black voting districts in Monroe County.

The meeting also moved on to the topic of Robert Fogg, who was a Black attorney from Buffalo. The faith leaders criticized that Fogg wasn’t appointed to the public defender’s office, despite being approved by a committee.

Monroe County’s Director of Communictions, Gary Walker, provided a statement Tuesday. “The County Executive has no role in choosing the Public Defender. The Public Defender is solely a Legislature appointment and that is where you should go for comment.”

Reverend Myra Brown, one of the faith leaders who attended the gathering, called on Bello to provide more racial equity and inclusivity to the Black community.

“These patterns of anti-blackness and racial undertones in decision-making harm the future of black people and leaves the black community vulnerable, leaves our voices muted, and leaves our communities struggling,” Rev. Brown said. “We call on Adam Bello to work collaboratively with President Sabrina LaMarr to correct these decisions to provide more racial equity and inclusion — and more justice for the black community.”

Bello said that the map, which was passed last month, would work against Black voters in Rochester, which he said was why he vetoed the map.