ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s been a little over three months since the first bus of immigrant families and individuals arrived in Monroe County by bus from NYC. Monroe County officials tell News 8 that the Holiday Inn where they are being sheltered remains the sole location approved for housing.

Under Monroe County Executive Adam Bello’s springtime Executive Order, any location seeking to shelter immigrants must complete an Emergency Housing Plan for approval (this is active for 5-days at a time and remains active today).

It is unclear how many units are currently in use under the 72-unit approved plan.  

Additionally, paperwork filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in October shows the State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance completed onsite visits to hotels in the Upstate region. The review under ‘Monroe County’ states the visit occurred on September 1st and resulted in ‘no issues.’

“OTDA staff found that there were ample amounts of diapers, infant food/formula, and menstrual products. The hotel provides a crib for any child under two years of age. Families at the hotel with children under two are required to view the safe sleeping videos in their native language and safe sleeping signage was observed on the premises. Residents have access to food, transportation, case management, and medical services. OTDA inspectors found no food spoilage. Each room has a refrigerator and a microwave. Children at the hotel have been enrolled in the Rochester City School District and will be bused to school. Security staff were present. There was no inappropriate signage noted. Residents at the hotel stated they felt safe, did not feel bullied or intimidated, and expressed no concerns.”

Additionally, the company behind the overall operation, DocGo Inc., already mired with issues including the CEO, Anthony Capone resigning in September, is also now the subject of a class action lawsuit. Paperwork from the Securities and Exchange Commission confirms, as first reported by the Times Union, Capone is still being paid by DocGo as a consultant at $45,000/month through March 2024.

News8 obtained a copy of the complaint which alleges DocGo Inc. made false and-or leading misleading statements relative to the executive hiring process and overstated the efficacy of its mobile health and transportation services. The deadline for investors to submit a claim in this class action lawsuit is December 26th, 2023.

The publically traded company also released Q3 earnings report this week, which can be found here.

News 8 also is checking in with the Rochester City School District regarding the total number of students registered. At last confirmation on August 23rd, 18 students were registered to attend school.