HENRIETTA, NY (WROC) — A project possibility in Henrietta has folks there saying, ‘Don’t narrow Calkins Road.’ It’s a campaign gaining momentum as residents have concerns about planned construction that would essentially thin out an already tight roadway.

Calkins Road is a county road, known as an artery way between Henrietta and Pittsford with heavy traffic volume as it is. Folks there are saying to leave it the way it is, it’s hazardous enough already.

Llyod Wood has lived in the same Calkins Road home all his life. “I remember when this was a dirt road,” he said.

And how times have changed. His wife Mickey said recently Monroe County reached out to residents. 

“Most of us in the neighborhood got a letter from the County saying they were proposing narrowing the road,” said Mickey.

She said on the table were two proposals. One outlined putting a sidewalk on the south side of the street, also, placing a hard curb along the road. 

“We started going, ‘What’s going on? This isn’t making sense,'” she said.

The measurements for Lloyd and Mickey are just too narrow. “They’re going to shrink the road about 8 to 10 feet, bringing it all in,” said Lloyd.

They said the town complained to the county about the maintenance of the proposed sidewalk. Mickey said the sidewalk is now off — the new proposal includes two 10-foot lanes.

“I think it’s a four to six edge from the white line to the hard curb,” said Mickey. With the gutters on the narrow edge. 

Michael Shirley lives down the street, he says Calkins Road is busy enough and accident-prone. Narrowing will be hazardous. 

“It’s not a necessary thing to do, just keep it the way it is. It’s been this way for years,” said Shirley.

Monroe County did weigh in Thursday telling News 8:

“That project is still being finalized, with ultimate decisions based on motorist, bicyclist and pedestrian safety along with drainage and sidewalk concerns. The final design will include input from residents. The work is not scheduled to begin this year. It is premature to discuss the project as there are no final decisions.”

Meaghan McDermott, Deputy Director of Communications

Mickey says no thank you. “No one (will have) anywhere to walk except for on our lawns.”

From webpage Dontnarrowcalkins.com