FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — Early in the morning on Friday, soldiers were reunited with their loved ones on the Fort Drum military base.

This marked the completion of a year-long deployment for the 10th Mountian Division’s 548th Division Sustainment Support Battalion’s Alpha Company.

These soldiers were deployed to Kuwait to provide critical logistics support to Operation Enduring Freedom.

“It’s good to be home,” 1st Lieutenant John Giannone said. “The soldiers, all they’ve been talking about for the last month was seeing their families again.

Prior to the soldier’s arrival for the welcome home ceremony, families awaited anxiously with signs, balloons, and photos.

The daughter of a returning soldier, Jaylee Evans, held a homemade sign saying “Welcome Home Daddy.” She said this is a moment she’s been looking forward to.

“It’s just really emotional to see him again. I missed him a lot,” she expressed.

While in Kuwait, missions for 548 DSSB soldiers included water purification, fuel delivery, and maintenance services.

According to 1LT Giannone, throughout the year, the company produced one million gallons of purified water, drove 2000 miles across Saudi Arabia to establish Composite Supply Companies, distributed over 418,000 gallons of fuel, and completed over 1500 maintenance services.

He added that this allowed soldiers to grow in leadership roles.

“So a lot of them grew, it challenged them,” Giannone explained. “It was pretty rough in the beginning, but it just helped them grow as leaders.”

But based on the smiles seen at the Magrath Sports Complex on August 5, everyone was happy these soldiers were home.