PERINTON, N.Y. (WROC) — The man accused of attacking gubernatorial candidate Congressman Lee Zeldin at the Perinton VFW in July has been set free under strict conditions.

David Jakubonis was in federal court Monday morning before his release to a PTSD and alcohol treatment program with the Bath VA.

The program will last for 28 days and provided Jakubonis finishes that, he will then go to Veterans Treatment Court in Monroe County. He will then live at Richards House, lodging provided by the Veterans Outreach Center.

The treatment is all heavily monitored with an ankle bracelet and a bracelet that monitors any alcohol intake.

After the alleged July attack at the Perinton VFW, it was learned that Jakubonis is a decorated war veteran and recipient of the Bronze Star. Local veteran leaders vowed to get him help for his self-admitted problems with alcohol abuse and post-traumatic stress.

Joe Chenelly, the national chair of AMVETS was there and vowed to get Jakubonis help. He said he’s hopeful and praying that he makes the right decisions— he feels the odds are in his favor to make a full recovery.

“I think the really important part of this is when he comes back — whether that’s in a month or three months— there’s going to be a community around him. And a support system he didn’t have in the past,” said Chenelly.

Nick Stefanovic is a combat veteran and director of Veteran Services for Monroe County. He was also there that night and said he knew very quickly what was going on. Jakubonis he said needed help immediately.

“This was a veteran who was struggling— was at the bottom. At his worst. Who was in a drunken blackout and made a huge mistake. And that’s what it was. And that’s all it was,” said Stefanovic.

Stefanovic outlined the trauma Jakubonis and many others have to deal with after service.

“It’s something that happens to some of us who have not resolved the war— and it’s something that’s there in the back of your head always— and it’s kicking you all day long. And maybe you’re not sleeping well and now you’re getting physically exhausted— and you find alcohol or drugs and you gravitate towards them because they give you some manner or peace. And then they become the problem and so all of a sudden, you’re dealing with a mountain on top of you. And eventually, you get to the place where David Jakubonis was,” he said.

Jakubonis will still have to answer for the charges against him, although with the successful completion of these treatment programs, it’s possible he will avoid jail time.