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My father used to say, “treat a person right, and they tell five people — treat them wrong, and they tell 50.”

This is the principle on which I built my business. For over 30 years, I’ve grown Mike Deming Antiques into one of the most prominent and well-respected companies in the area. My antique business is much more than a brick building filled with unqiue items; it’s a place where stories of history are shared amongst the many close friends I’ve made along the way. It’s a place where my passion honors a time when things were made with thoughtful hands and timeless quality.

Although I grew up in New Jersey, my first memory of an antique shop was on a family visit to Rochester in 1965. My grandmother took me along one day, “antiqueing”, as she called it. We stopped in a great  “old time” shop in Mendon. If I close my eyes I can still see it. I made my first antique “buy” there. It was a late 19th c. deck of playing cards with the members of Queen Victoria’s court as the face cards. I was hooked! 

Throughout the years, my family and I have discovered tens-of-thousands of treasures and made many friends — building relationships that endure to this day. I invite you to explore my business and become part of the fabric of Mike Deming Antiques — a place where antiques are bought and sold, and stories told.

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