AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – After what seems like a lifetime of surgeries and setbacks, Tiger Woods will tell you he’s just grateful to be here, and the Patrons are hoping for something special this weekend.

It’s tough to think of the Masters without thinking of him.

“He’s an icon,” one patron says.

His name and this place forever connected.

“His name is Tiger Woods. He can do it,” another patron states.

There is still a lot of faith around here, and there is a belief that maybe Woods is the one to stare down Father Time one more time.

“With the kind of competitor that he is, and knowing the type of preparation he puts into it, I think he’s always got a shot,” a patron says.

“I feel like he has the game. I think he has the knowledge. I think he can think his way through,” another patron states.

But at the end of the day, patrons will say that it really doesn’t matter how Tiger does this week at the Masters because his legacy here at Augusta National, and in the game is secured.

“He’s changed the game for sure. He’s done plenty for the game,” one patron recalls.

No matter his score, Tiger will always walk tall at Augusta National. His presence making this special week even better.

“So much of my life has been here at Augusta National, and again just so excited to be back here again and compete and play,” says Tiger Woods in the press room.

“I think he has a chance and I’m just excited to see his energy that he brings. So even if he doesn’t, a lot of people are here to watch that,” another patron firmly states.

And the patrons have been showing their appreciation so far during the practice rounds.

Huge galleries watching Tiger’s every move as he gets set to tee off on Thursday.