FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — Wednesday marks the first day for those who are medically licensed and eligible to grow cannabis at home across New York.

The legislation was passed in late September and is expected to allow more access to those who have chronic conditions or other ailments that qualify.

For the first time, those who are certified, as well as their caregivers, can grow marijuana inside their own homes.

Britni and Jayson Tantalo own Flower City Hydroponics in Fairport. News 8 first spoke to the couple over the summer, when they submitted their CAURD application to the state with the hopes of opening a cannabis dispensary in New York soon.

Today marks history in the cannabis industry. Most medical marijuana cardholders only had access to medical dispensaries, which have limited products or things that don’t tailor to their ailments,” said Britni Tantalo.

Starting Wednesday, those who meet the requirements and are legally certified as a medical marijuana patient or caregiver can grow cannabis at home.

As state officials explain, there are limitations:

A single patient is allowed to grow up to three mature female cannabis plants and three immature female cannabis plants — no more than 12 — depending on how many caregivers they might have.

“It is a big step forward for medical patients. We’ve seen real extreme interest from patients and designated caregivers to have the ability to cultivate cannabis at home,” said Lyla Hunt, the Deputy Director of Public Health for the NYS Office of Cannabis Management.

The state’s medical cannabis program has been effective since 2016 and was recently expanded to allow for more eligible conditions.

We know our community and a lot of people are kind of breaking down that stigma and want access. We were just waiting for legislation to meet what I believe everyone truly wanted,” said Tantalo.

Flower City Hydroponics is holding an event this Saturday at their Fairport location on Pittsford Palmyra Road. With a licensed practitioner on site, those who are interested and eligible can register for medical marijuana cards there from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

For more details on eligibility and other resources offered by the state, visit the state’s website.