ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The City of Rochester partnered with the Business Insight Center at Central Library to host an open house for cannabis industry-related support services.

For example, services like security, insurance, and information on products in the industry.

Brian Lane, a compliance officer at a processing company called NOWAVE, said he joined the industry because of how cannabis improved his health and his goal is to inform others on how it can help them, too.

“My business partners and I feel like we want to make people healthy,” said Lane “It’s all about maybe getting people off of alcohol or into a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s exercise or through cannabis plants and then providing the education behind that.”

Anthony Hickenbottom, one of the event attendees, shared an interest in joining the industry and said his main focus was to gain more information on legal protection.

“You have to be legalized with everything as far as knowing what you’re doing,” said Hickenbottom. “The rules and regulations right now, it’s still up in the air. So right now I’m talking to a lawyer trying to get the right information.”

While some members of the community were looking to be protected in the industry, others were looking for inclusion.

Jeff Shaul, another event attendee, said he is interested in starting a cannabis business that focuses on the deaf community in Rochester.

“So, a long time ago, there were not many opportunities for deaf people in general,” said Shaul. “So hopefully we can start a business here that can hire deaf people and just help provide jobs for them as well.”

Mayor Malik Evans, in a press release, said how thankful he is for the partnership.

“I want to thank our partners at the Business Insight Center at Central for helping us prepare these aspiring entrepreneurs for long-term success — and so we can realize our vision for a hope-filled Rochester with an exciting future,” Mayor Evans said.