Editor’s Note: The full public meeting will be available at the bottom of this page shortly.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Cannabis Control Board is holding a public meeting Thursday morning to announce they are prioritizing the expansion of New York’s cannabis supply chain.

In the public meeting on Thursday, the board announced that they have approved 251 Conditional Adult-use Retail Dispensary licenses. 49 are still left to be awarded at a future board meeting, including 11 more from the Finger Lakes region.

On Thursday, seven licenses from the Finger Lakes were approved. The applicants that were approved include:

  • MJ Dispensary LLC
  • William J. Wheeler
  • Scott M General
  • High Points of the Finger Lakes LLC
  • Canna Life LLC
  • Northfield Consulting LLC

A lawsuit originally placed an injunction that prevented many regions in New York to receive CAURD licenses. The injunction was lifted everywhere in the state — except for the Finger Lakes region. This led to several dispensaries having to wait longer to open.

Toward the end of May, the Office of Cannabis Management settled the lawsuit, which caused the injunction to be fully lifted. The office said that they will begin sending licenses to the Finger Lakes.