‘Bringing the buzz to you’: Local woman plans to open marijuana delivery service


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Americans aren’t strangers to getting things delivered. From groceries, to medicine, to our favorite late night fast food meal, the options are endless. 

And now one local Rochesterian is trying to add something new to the mix: recreational marijuana. 

Christine Stio currently runs a local daycare center in Rochester, but she said a dream of hers has always been to start a marijuana delivery service.

She’s now hoping to make her dream a reality. While Stio is still waiting for guidance from the state and the NYS Cannabis Control Board to come out with regulations, in the meantime she’s started developing plans for her company.

It’s called Buzzadoo’s Delivery and the slogan is: Bringing the buzz to you.

“Buzzadoo is going to be an adult recreational cannabis delivery service. We are going to get to bring all types of cannabis to community members, whether that be edibles, flour, tinctures, vapes, powders, seltzer drinks,” Stio said. 

Think of Buzzadoo’s kind of as Uber Eats for Marijuanna. 

“I think what customers will be able to do is go online, decide what they would like, whether it’s flour, edible, tincture, vape… put their order, and then I’ll get a notification that they’ve ordered. And then I would package up their order, or go directly to the dispensary to pick up their order, and then deliver it to their doorstep,” Stio said. 

She adds she wants a big focus of her company will be education and safe use. 

“Because everything will be tested in labs with the COA, which is Certificate of Analysis, we will know exactly how much THC is in each product, the percent, and all the different terpenes as well,” Stio said. “And we will know, okay, based on this amount of THC cannabis in this product, this is how much you should take, and all the different guidelines to follow when you’re taking that type of product to be safe. So safety is going to be of course, very, it’s going to be a priority across the industry.”

She also said she hopes to open people’s eyes to how good the plant can be for many.  

“There’s a lot of stigma around cannabis. I’m not only going to be delivering something that’s healthy for you, but educating people as well as to why it’s healthy for you, what it can do for your body, what it can do for the planet, things like that,” Stio said. 

Stio said she hopes having the ability to have marijuana delivered was important to her because it makes it easier for people, regardless of where they live. 

“With municipalities having the ability to opt in or out, they will not be able to opt out of delivery. So if people live in a municipality that has opted out but they would they desire to participate in the adult rec cannabis market, they can choose instead of traveling to a different location, they can choose delivery as a method to get cannabis to their house,” Stio said. 

Currently, New Yorker’s can have up to 3 oz. of recreational marijuana on them. Stio says delivery services would be allowed to carry more than that in order to drop off to a number of people.

“In the back of the vehicle, whether it’s a trunk or like a hatchback, there’ll be a locked box where the cannabis products will be stored for delivery, so I definitely know it’ll be more than what’s allowed per person,” she said. 

For now, it’s a waiting game. Stio said before anything can really happen, she needs guidance from the state, along with information on when she can apply for a license. Just last week, the Cannabis Control Board said it likely wouldn’t be until 2023 until dispensaries in New York would be able to operate. 

In the meantime, Stio said she is going to be offering a CBD line for customers prior to pivoting to THC. She says she’s excited to be opening a woman-owned business.

“Having the ability as a woman to be the CEO of a company is so important and to level the playing field for women, to represent women, that we can… we’re great at running things. We run things all day long,” Stio said. 

But her main goal? Stio says it’s to bring people together and teach them more about the growing industry. 

“What I would love to see happen in our communities is for people to come together. All people, different walks of life, different ethnic backgrounds, different religions, to come together and unify together over cannabis,” Stio said.

“I want to be able to help the community and help educate people. It’s such a great product. There’s nothing to be afraid of, and so much fears out there about it. But you know, if we get the word out and educate people, I think it’ll go smoother.”

To learn more about Buzzadoo’s Delivery, click here. You can also email buzzadoos@gmail.com.

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