ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A total of nine cannabis stores in the Greater Rochester region were identified for illicit sales Thursday by state regulators.

According to the Office of Cannabis Management, three locations in Rochester, one in Henrietta, one in Lyons, one in Webster, one in Brockport, one in Rush, and another in Honeoye Falls were all cited in a list of 52 marijuana dispensaries that falsely depict their operations as legal.

  • Hempsol – Rochester
  • Custom Osmotics – Rochester
  • Triclomes LLC – Rochester
  • MJ Dispensary LLC – Henrietta
  • I’m Stuck – Lyons
  • Fat Daddy’s – Webster
  • Moonhaven Organics – Brockport
  • Carol Messina – Rush
  • Jeremy Fisher LLC – Honeoye Falls

The aforementioned businesses were sent cease and desist letters that direct them to halt operations or risk losing the opportunity for a legal license in the New York cannabis market.

If the affected store fronts fail to cease operations, they will be referred by the OCM to the Cannabis Control Board for permanent barring from receiving any cannabis licenses in New York State.

“There are no businesses currently licensed to sell adult-use cannabis in New York State.  Selling any item or making a donation, and then “gifting” a customer a bag of untested cannabis does indeed count as a sale under New York’s Cannabis Law,” said Tremaine Wright, Chair of Cannabis Control Board.

State legislation on cannabis sale, although new in nature, requires business owners to provide verifiable information to consumers regarding the products that they are consuming. According to OCM, the majority of the locations that received cease letters may put customers at risk.

Jon Callahan and Jeremy Jimenez with Honest Pham Co. in Newark farm the product — Callahan says what these shops are doing is illegal. 

“The bottom line is, if they want to participate in this legal market, they’re going to have to start doing it correctly,” says Callahan.

He says the stuff people are buying at these illicit shops isn’t tested. The products they’re now growing at Honest Pharm Co. will have to go through a rigorous panel test. 

“Test for molds, mildews, pesticides, heavy metals, obviously cannabinoids and terpenes,” he says.

Jimenez says they actually want these businesses to do the right thing. Why? They’re potential customers for them. “We need them to support the industry, so that’s what we’re looking forward to: to helping these guys,” he says.

No adult-use retail licenses have been issued in New York State to date. Currently, the only legal means of procuring, safe, tested cannabis products is through the Medical Cannabis Program.

OCM officials say they are reviewing an additional list of cannabis businesses after receiving referrals from local law enforcement and members of the general public.

All 52 letters can be viewed on the regulation page of the Cannabis Control Board website.