ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) —  The Monroe County Democratic Committee voted Saturday on their official endorsement for the 138th district New York state assembly seat, the second vote after an initial vote was evenly split between two candidates.

The committee’s democratic designation for the state’s 138th district was between incumbent Harry Bronson and the current chief of staff for Rochester mayor Lovely Warren, Alex Yudelson.

Ultimately Yudelson came out on top, winning the county democratic committee’s designation for the state assembly’s 138th district.

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Just looking at the signs at the Monroe County Democratic Committee’s nominating convention Sunday and you can see the controversy surrounding the vote.

According to Nathan VanLoon, council to the democratic party, it all started when a vote for the 138th state assembly seat designation tied, leading to an additional vote.

“Bronson and Yudelson were going for the same position and neither one of them crossed the 50% threshold and as a result, it goes on to second round where committee leaders get to cast vote,” VanLoon said.

MCDC officials say, the votes were split 49-49, but it’s two absentee votes that are the center of the debate.

According to Harry Bronson, he did get the higher number of votes in that first count, he claims that insider politics are at play.

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“There are only two people in the designation process. Mathematically impossible if you are only counting votes that one of those people didn’t get over 50%. I was that person. I got 50% in the caucus then the party manipulated the system,” said Bronson (D-138).

“It’s disappointing that party leaders are focused on manipulating the system, but I’m not going to get caught up in that. I am going to continue to fight for the families of the greater Rochester area,” Bronson said.

Alex Yudelson says he is also trying to move forward and believes the process was fair to both candidates.

“They counted 49 votes, two of them were blank. So to say that were stuffing the ballot box, that there were extra votes, I mean that’s just not factual and I think he should clarify that,” Yudelson said.

“It’s the process and if people want to change the rules I am absolutely in favor of changing the rules, but at the end of the day, the voters voted in an incredibly close race. I was honored to win both the majority of committee members and the majority of committees,” said Yudelson.

Saturday’s vote doesn’t mean that Alex Yudelson has won the seat. Yudelson will still face off against Bronson officially to be the democratic candidate for the assembly seat on New York state’s primary day.

Voters head to the polls for that primary election on June 23.