The accessibility problem with voting, and the new solution

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Board of Elections is signing up transportation service providers to help with voter turnout.

Soon, voters in Monroe County will be heading to the polls for Election Day. But for some voters, getting to their polling place may not be easy. The Board of Elections wants to make sure everyone who wants to cast their ballot has access to their designated location.

Democratic Commissioner Colleen Anderson says resources are available for those who need a ride.

“If you called our office, we would ask you what party you feel more comfortable call[ing] for a ride to the polls,” said Anderson. “We would give you the number that [your preferred party] gave us for the rides to the polls.”

Anderson says there is also help for those with special needs. Companies like Medical Motor Service will drive people with access issues to their polling location. She says the Board of Elections wants everyone to exercise their Constitutional right. So if you have a problem heading out the door and to the polls on Election Day, they are there if you need them.

“I just encourage everyone to get out to the polls, and if we could be helpful in any way, give us a call at the Board of Elections,” said Anderson.

Transportation for those with special needs won’t be available during the early election period. The rides also must be scheduled in advance.

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