ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC) — The State of Emergency in Rochester due to gun violence has been extended for another month, and now Mayor Malik Evans is taking aim at businesses and locations linked to shootings.  

The mayor’s office plans to crack down on places holding what the city deems “illegal gatherings” boiling over into shootings.  

By issuing this State of Emergency, the Mayor will not have to request court orders to discipline businesses or shut down properties where large parties with excessive drinking are taking place without a license — eventually leading to someone being killed.    

To help stop gun violence, Rochester’s top officials are urging the public to dial 311 anytime they see big gatherings that seem suspicious. Even before they start. Giving RPD an anonymous lead to break it up.  

“We’ve increased our staffing at 3-1-1 supplementing it with some light duty injured officers that aren’t able to work the street,” Chief Smith said. “As such, we’ve increased our intake at 311 so you’re going to get a live person when you call.” 

“If you look at many of the homicides that we have, they’ve taken place at public parks,” Mayor Evans added. “In locations where they don’t have a liquor license, in locations where they don’t have entertainment permits.”  

With the State of Emergency in place, the Mayor’s Office has more authority to quickly move in and shut down illegal gatherings that have gotten out of control. Or demand businesses improve security.  

“That allows us to simply put the document in front of the mayor and do something immediately,” City Corporation Counsel explained. “So, if we hear about this party, we’re going to do something to make sure it doesn’t happen tomorrow.” 

According to the Rochester Police Open Data Portal, roughly 75% of all homicides so far in 2022 occurred in the same four zip codes out of the whole city. Mostly in the Northeast area. During this emergency, Mayor Evans announced plans to give these communities more resources to keep people occupied and out of trouble. 

“Those areas in the past have had a lot of disinvestments,” Mayor Evans argued. “That disinvestment has manifested itself into crimes that we have seen. That’s why you saw earlier this week when we broke ground on our buy the block program or pushed for more programs at the international plaza.” 

Along with all this, Chief David Smith announced Roc Initiative will be continuing with State and Federal agents partnering with Rochester Police in certain investigations.