‘Embarrassment to Rochester’: Residents disappointed after Mayor Warren takes plea deal

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Mayor Lovely Warren came into City Hall back in 2014 making history as the first Black woman to hold the office of Mayor, but that glass-shattering election led to a bitter ending being pushed out early, and the people of Rochester are disappointed.  

As the doors closed on Mayor Warren’s tenure leading the City of Rochester, those we spoke to who call the city home, felt she fell short of expectations put on her coming into office. 

“You don’t see her out here in the community as she should be,” JoAnn Leake, who lives in Rochester argued. “I think she needs to work a little bit better with our police department.” 

“I feel that she hasn’t stood with the community on important things like the police brutality,” Shalonda Jones with Community Justice Initiative told us. “And the brutality that’s going on in our community.” 

By pleading guilty on election law violations, Mayor Warren, on top of resigning, only faced a yearlong probation-type punishment, where she cannot have any more run-ins with the law or face more serious punishments. 

“She’s been bad for the city, she’s been bad for business, really just an embarrassment to Rochester,” Robert Ament, a native of Rochester said. “It’s a beautiful city, we have so much gone for us and once again we’re let down.”  
Some explained this announcement put a dent in their trust in the Rochester City government but have faith the city can move forward and look forward to the future leaders investing funds resources where it is needed the most.  

“Put it back in the city’s hands so the city can use it,” Leake stated. “For things that are needed, like children, they want children off the streets so put money in a place where it can be used for them.”  

“I think Malik Evans has shown himself to be a Daniel Prude supporter,” Jones added. “He is not only just about one thing or one community, and one school. He’s about the community of Rochester and building.” 

Some City Council Members released statements following this sentencing, including Councilman Jose Peo calling the mayor’s resignation a step in the right direction, but transparency and integrity must be restored to City Hall. 

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