ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — At a virtual meeting of the Monroe County Legislature Thursday evening, lawmakers voted to override a Wednesday veto from County Executive Adam Bello that would have stopped legislation to add six new Board of Elections jobs.

The vote tally was 20-9.

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Jack Moffitt, the Clerk of the Legislature, spent several hours reading comments, many highly critical of the six proposed positions at the Monroe County Board of Elections.

“I am absolutely, positively without question against overriding Monroe county executive Adam Bello’s veto for a measure that would raise taxes half a million dollars,” said one comment.

“It is a waste of taxpayer money to fund these six positions especially at a time when essential areas may need support during these difficult times,” read another.

Supporters of the positions argued the jobs were needed, with the 2020 elections ahead.

“This is not a tax increase, and any word to the contrary is an attempt to mislead taxpayers,” said Steve Brew, the County Legislature’s Majority Leader.

Opponents, including nine Democratic legislators, felt the jobs would amount to an unjust half-million-dollar tax increase.

“Elections are a vital part of our democracy and while the county administration has provided the necessary funding to ensure a secure election the current commissioners and the Republican majority, put their friends before taxpayers,” the lawmakers said in a statement Thursday.

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