ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County residents will decide on who will be district attorney when they hit the ballots Tuesday.

Leading up to Election Day, the race has gotten a lot of attention, and not just locally.

The New York Times published an article Monday morning that details some of the accusations between the Democrats and Republicans.

The article says, “One district attorney race on the banks of Lake Ontario has become an unlikely big-money referendum on traditional law-and-order prosecutors, much like similar battles in Boston, Philadelphia and Queens, N.Y.”

A few weeks ago, Republican Incumbent Sandra Doorley said that her opponent Democrat Shani Curry Mitchell is partnering with a billionaire to influence the election. Doorley said George Soros is behind the ads that take aim at her character and Mitchell knows all about it.

Mitchell says she understands why Doorley doesn’t like the ads. She says it calls into question her behavior as the district attorney and lack of fairness, but she denies being involved.

“I did not pay for these ads nor did my campaign,” said Mitchell. “I did not approve them.”

The ad in question has a disclaimer stating it was funded by the New York Justice and Public Safety Pac. It also states the ad wasn’t authorized by any candidate or a candidate’s committee.

Soros finances the New York Justice and Public Safety Pac.

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