ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — President Biden gave his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, which drew criticism and praise from some local lawmakers.

Local Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney — representing the 24th Congressional District of New York — criticized the address, saying the president failed to address issues such as the border crisis, soaring utility costs, and how small businesses are fairing with the economy.

“He kept talking about these corporations that aren’t paying their fair share and never talked about small business owners, which is most of my district,” said Rep. Tenney. “95% of the job curators in my district are small business owners who are suffering from inflation, supply chain, energy costs…and really didn’t speak to those people.”

Congresswoman Tenney also said, in a statement, that she and other Republicans will continue to hold the president accountable to the American people.

In contrast, on the Democrats’ side, Congressman Morelle — representing New York’s 25th District, including Monroe County — released a statement praising Biden’s address, calling his agenda bold and reflective of democratic values.

“We know that families across America are struggling, and they’re counting on us to provide support during these challenging times,” Morelle said in the statement. “That’s why my colleagues and I have been working to deliver on the issues that matter most—particularly our successful efforts to lower prescription drug costs, bolster healthcare services veterans, and strengthen the future of our manufacturing economy.”

Morelle also said that he hopes to continue efforts to reduce gun violence, protect women’s reproductive healthcare, and expand the Child Tax Credit.