ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Governor Hochul arrived in Rochester Monday morning to announce local investments in the 2024 executive budget for the Finger Lakes region.

During the press conference, the governor said that the state will continue to focus on making sure the communities get the resources they need in order to thrive. She also identified priorities to make the Finger Lakes region safer, affordable, and livable.


One hurdle that Governor Hochul notes that is holding the community back is a lack of affordable housing.

“What happens is, for people in search for a home, you can’t find one or the price is out of your reach and that could be a barrier to the young people,” said Hochul. “This is the area where we have to do better.”

She announced her plan to introduce over 800,000 new homes in order to drive down housing prices and keep up the housing supply.

She also added that she will not raise income taxes in the 2024 budget to improve the affordability in the state.

Gun violence

In regard to public safety, Governor Hochul touched upon the $337 million to reduce and prevent gun violence across New York and to increase funding for gun violence prevention, as well as community and after-school programs to reduce gang violence.

Mental Health

For mental health, Governor Hochul discussed the $1 billion put towards transforming the mental health care system in the state — focusing on youth and adults that need help by bringing in more psychiatric services. $45 million will also fund addiction treatment in the Finger Lakes region, Hochul said.

Education & Economic Development

$45 million will be put towards the establishment of the Office of Semiconductor Expansion, Management, & Integration, as well as $17 million for MCC to have advanced technology, $1.4 million for FLCC to have college biology labs and nursing facilities, and $20 million for Cornell’s food tech lab — all to improve economic development in the region.


For transportation, Hochul announced $42 million to replace the bridges on I-490, $21.1 million to re-pave Rt. 104. and $2.5 million for Monroe County’s multimodal hub planning.

The state will also be investing $10 million in Letchworth State Park, $3 million in Genesee Valley Greenway, and $4.5 million in the running track bridge. She also announced that more investments will come to “ROC the Riverway.”

The Susan B. Anthony Museum will also expand, thanks to a $10 million investment, which was met with a round of applause.

Downtown Revitalization and NY Forward

The Downtown Revitalization Initiative and the NY Forward Program will receive $100 million to revitalize the downtown areas in communities throughout the state. In addition, the Village of Perry will receive $10 million from the Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

The NY Forward Program will also award $4.5 million each to the Village of Medina and the Town of Geneseo, with future projects to be announced in the future.

“These communities have something in common, they have the most spectacular architecture — and well-preserved,” the governor said.

Governor Hochul noted the importance of turning the vacant buildings in these communities into downtown acres.

In response to these announcements, Mayor Malik Evans said that this was a “mic drop moment” for Governor Hochul.

“In her inaugural address, she [Governor Hochul] said that she didn’t come to this job to make history but to make a difference,” said Mayor Evans. “As Mayor of the City of Rochester for the last year and one month, she has helped me strive to make a difference in Rochester.”

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