ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Mayor Evans announced the launch of the “Get The Lead Out” campaign Tuesday morning to address potential water line issues.

According to Evans, the campaign aims to find water service lines that may have lead-containing materials in them. This is part of the City’s efforts to upgrade the water infrastructure, with $43.3M going towards replacing lead-related lines.

The city says that there are over 26,000 public and private water lines that may need replacing. They note that 60% of these water lines are in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

“Once you have identified and reported your water service line, lend a hand to a neighbor, family member, or friend that might need help to do the same,” Mayor Evans said in a statement. “We won’t get this done overnight, but together, we can work to ensure that every resident, no matter what street they live on, has access to clean, safe drinking water.”

He added that the city is currently investing in lead service water line replacements and is using ARPA funds. The City is seeking additional funds for more resources to complete the replacements.

If you suspect that your water line is in need of replacing, there is an instruction guide on how to test and report it on the City of Rochester’s website.