Election Day 2019 voter guide: Every race, every candidate in Monroe County

Local Politics

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Election Day is today and there are some pivotal county, city, and town positions up for grabs.

Before heading to the polls, you may have a couple questions about your voter status. Below is a list of resources to help get answers to those commonly asked questions about voting.

The following is a complied list of the candidates running for public office locally. The list was provided by the Monroe County Board of Elections and was last updated September 17, 2019.

County Executive

  • Adam J. Bello (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Cheryl Dinolfo (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

In June’s primary, incumbent Republican Cheryl Dinolfo beat the Democratic challenger, and current Monroe County Clerk, Adam Bello with 55 percent of the vote. The two candidates faced off in a primary despite being from different political parties for a chance to grab another line on the ballot for the general election. Although they will square off again in a few months, the Independence Party nominee is often an early indication of how independent voters will sway come November.

County Court Judge (2)

  • Karen Bailey Turner (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Michael L. Dollinger (Democratic/Independence)
  • Kyle R. Steinebach (Republican/Conservative)
  • John L. DeMarco (Republican/Conservative/Working Families/Libertarian/Independence)

District Attorney

  • Shani Curry Mitchell (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Sandra J. Doorley (Republican/Conservative/Independence/ Libertarian)

Both candidates participated in a town hall with News 8 on October 30:

State Supreme Court (2)

  • Meredith Vacca (Democrat/Libertarian)
  • Kevin Nasca (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Matthew Rosenbaum (Republican/Libertarian/Independence/SAM)

County Legislator Races:

1st District

  • Amanda S. Genaux-Hauser (Democratic)
  • Ed Wilt (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

2nd District

  • Karen P. LoBracco (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Jackie Smith (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

3rd District

  • Marvin L. Stepherson (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Tracy A. DiFlorio (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

4th District

  • Josh J. Mack, Jr. (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Frank Allkofer (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

5th District

  • Terry Daniele (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Karla F. Boyce (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

6th District

  • Dan Maloney (Democratic/Working Families/Libertarian)
  • Fred Ancello (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

7th District

  • James F. Leary, Jr. (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Brian E. Marianetti (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

8th District

  • Megan K. Thompson (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Matthew D. Terp (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

9th District

  • Catherine Dean (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Paul Dondorfer (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

10th District

  • Howard S. Maffucci (Democratic/Working Families)

11th District

  • Joshua I. Foladare (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Sean M. Delehanty (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

12th District

  • Steve Brew (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

13th District

  • Michael B. Yudelson (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Matthew T. Borkowski (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

14th District

  • Justin F. Wilcox (Democratic)

15th District

  • Butch Fitzsimmons (Democratic/Working Families)
  • George J. Hebert (Republican/Conservative/Independent)

16th District

  • Lorie Lachiusa Barnum (Democratic)
  • Joe Carbone (Republican/Conservative/Working Families/Libertarian/Independence)

17th District

  • Joseph D. Morelle, Jr. (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)
  • Gregory J. Devlin (Republican/Conservative)

18th District

  • John B. Baynes (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Kara C. Halstead (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

19th District

  • Gino M. Nitti (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Kathleen A. Taylor (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Will Phillips (Libertarian)

20th District

  • JW Cook (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Michael T. Zale (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

21st District

  • Rachael A. Barnhart (Democratic)
  • Victor H. Sanchez (Working Families)

22nd District

  • Vincent R. Felder (Democratic)

23rd District

  • Linda M. Hasman (Democratic/Working Families)

24th District

  • Joshua P. Bauroth (Democratic/Working Families)

25th District

  • John F. Lightfoot (Democratic)

26th District

  • Yversha M. Roman (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Orlando J. Rivera (Republican/Conservative)
  • Tony Micciche (Libertarian/Independence)

27th District

  • Sabrina A. Lamar (Democratic)

28th District

  • Frank Keophetlasy (Democratic/Working Families)

29th District

  • Ernest S. Flager (Democratic)

City Court Judge (2)

  • Nicole Morris (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Melissa L. Barrett (Democratic/Working Families)

Member of City Council – East District

  • Mary Lupien (Democratic/Working Families)
  • David R. Sutliff-Atias (Green)

Member of City Council – NE District

  • Michael A. Patterson (Democratic)
  • Chris Edes (Green/Libertarian)

Member of City Council – NW District

  • Jose M. Peo (Democratic)

Member of City Council – South District

  • LaShay D. Harris ( Democratic/Working Families)
  • Marcus C. Williams (Republican)
  • Alexander J. White (Green)

Commissioner of Schools (4)

  • Beatriz B. LeBron (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Amy K. Maloy (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Willa Powell (Democratic)
  • Ricardo Adams (Democratic/Working Families)


Brighton Supervisor

  • William W. Moehle (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)
  • Beth Anne Napier (Republican/Conservative)

Brighton Town Clerk

  • Daniel E. Aman (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)

Brighton Town Justice

  • Karen L. Morris (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)

Brighton Member of Town Council 4 Year Term (2)

  • Jason S. DiPonzio (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)
  • Christopher K. Werner (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)
  • Dale S. VanVechten (Republican/Conservative)

Brighton Member of Town Council 2 Year Term

  • Christine E. Corrado (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)


Chili Supervisor

  • Christopher I. McCullough (Democratic)
  • David J. Dunning (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Chili Town Clerk

  • Virginia L. Ignatowski (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Chili Town Justice

  • Kenneth R. Kraus (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • John V. Romagnola (Working Families)

Chili Member of Town Council (2)

  • Jason N. Marsherall (Democratic)
  • Gwendolyn J. Clifton (Democratic/Working Families)
  • James V. Valerio (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Michael S. Slattery ( Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Clarkson Supervisor

  • Theresa C. Alano (Democratic/Working Families/Common Ground)
  • Christa L. Filipowicz (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Clarkson Town Clerk

  • Sara L. Tebo (Democratic/Working Families/Common Ground)
  • Sharon S. Mattison (Conservative/Republican/Independence)

Clarkson Member of Town Council (2)

  • Thomas A. Trapp (Democratic/Working Families/Common Ground)
  • Sheldon A. Meyers ( Democratic/Common Ground)
  • Leslie A. Zink (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Thomas A. Guarino (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Gates Supervisor

  • William R. Kiley (Democratic)
  • Cosmo A. Giunta (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Gates Member of Town Council (2)

  • Lakesha V. Carter (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Theresa E. May (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Steve Tucciarello (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Christopher B. Diponzio (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Greece Member of a Town Council Ward 1

  • Mike Barry (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Greece Member of Town Council Ward 2

  • Rumella Tyana Cameron (Democratic/Working Families)
  • William F. Murphy (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Greece Member of Town Council Ward 3

  • Caroline A. Shaw (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Josh Jensen (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Greece Member of Town Council Ward 4

  • James W. Sawers (Democratic)
  • Diana M. Christodaro (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Hamlin Supervisor

  • Eric G. Peters (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Jason M. Baxter (Libertarian/The People’s Party of Hamlin)

Hamlin Town Clerk

  • Patty Jo Groenendaal (Republican/Libertarian/The People’s Party of Hamlin)
  • Keylee A. Gilfilian (Conservative/Independence)

Hamlin Town Justice (2)

  • Martin C. Maier (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Paul S. Rath (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Hamlin Member of Town Council (2)

  • Joel Yager (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Phillip C. Hurlbutt (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Henrietta Supervisor

  • Stephen L. Schultz (Democratic/Working Families/Libertarian)
  • Kenneth H. Breese (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Both candidates participated in a debate with News 8 on October 15:

Henrietta Town Justice (3)

  • Robert L. Cook (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Susan Michel (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)
  • Gregory P. Salmon (Democratic/Working Families/Libertarian)
  • Steven M. Donsky (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)
  • John G. Pericak (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian)
  • James F. Beikirch (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Henrietta Member of Town Council (2)

  • Millie C. Sefranek (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Jesse M. Redlo (Democratic/Working families)
  • Lisa S. Bolzner (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Scott M. Adair (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Irondequoit Supervisor

  • David A. Seeley (Democratic/Working Families/Independence)
  • Ronald P. Cooper (Republican/Conservative)

Irondequoit Town Justice

  • Patrick K. Russi (Democratic/Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Irondequoit Member of Town Council (2)

  • Patrina D. Freeman (Democratic/Independence/Working Families)
  • John Perticone (Democratic/Independence/Working Families)
  • Gary J. Pawlak (Republican/Conservative)
  • Michael J. Valente (Republican/Conservative)


Mendon Supervisor

  • John D. Moffitt (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Mendon Town Clerk

  • James P. Merzke (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Mendon Town Justice

  • Jon M. Stern (Democratic/Working Families)
  • William P. Fletcher (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Mendon Member of Town Council (2)

  • David L. Cook (Democratic)
  • Jeffrey R. Clark (Democratic)
  • Thomas G. Dubois (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Karen R. Jenkins (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Mendon Superintendent of Highways

  • William E. Smith (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Ogden Supervisor

  • Gay H. Lenhard (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Ogden Town Clerk

  • Noelle M. Burley (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Ogden Town Justice

  • Michael P. Schiano (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Ogden Member of Town Council (2)

  • Malcolm E. Perry (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Scott Clyde (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Parma Supervisor

  • Jack D. Barton (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Parma Town Justice

  • Michael A. Sciortino (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Parma Member of Town Council (2)

  • G. Blake Keller (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Stephen J. Zajac (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Parma Superintendent of Highways

  • James R. Christ, Jr. (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Penfield Supervisor

  • Tony La Fountain (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Penfield Town of Justice

  • Michael J. Lingle (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Paula C. Metzler (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

Penfield Member of Town Council (2)

  • Julie A. Mitchell (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Mindy Maclaren (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Linda W. Kohl (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Debbie Drawe (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Perinton Supervisor

  • Andrew G. Gilchrist (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Ciaran T. Hanna (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Perinton Town Justice

  • Thomas A. Klonick (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Perinton Member of Town Council 4 Year Term (2)

  • Dailia Rodriguez-Aponte (Democratic)
  • Meredith E. Stockman-Broadbent (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Seana L. Sartori (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Craig R. Chormann (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Perinton Member of Town Council 2 Year Term

  • Jeremy D. Jordan (Democratic)
  • David P. Belaskas (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Pittsford Supervisor

  • Kendra R. Evans (Democratic/Working Families
  • William A. Smith (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)

Pittsford Member of Town Council (2)

  • Cathy Koshykar (Democratic/Working Families)
  • John J. Walsh (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Katherine Bohne Munzinger (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Anthony J. Daniele (Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Independence)


Riga Town Justice

  • Scott K. Okolowicz (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Riga Member of Town Council (2)

  • Lillian M. Maira (Democratic)
  • Stan Main (Democratic)
  • Derek M. Harnsberger (Republican/Conservative/Independence
  • Cynthia L. Jessop (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Rush Supervisor

  • Gerry Kusse (Democratic/Independence)
  • Phyllis P. Wickerham (Republican/Conservative)

Rush Town Clerk

  • Kathy Hankins (Democratic)
  • Pamela J. Bucci (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Rush Member of Town Council (2)

  • Chaz Rorick (Democratic/Independence)
  • Amber Corbin (Democratic/Independence)
  • James L. Roach (Republican/Conservative)
  • Daniel V. Woolaver (Republican/Conservative)

Rush Superintendent of Highways

  • Mark E. David (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Sweden Supervisor

  • Kevin Johnson (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Sweden Member of Town Council (2)

  • Mary E. Rich (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Lori Skoog (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Randall E. Hoke (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Rhonda L. Humby (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Sweden Receiver of Taxes

  • Kathleen A. Bahr-Seever (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Sweden Superintendent of Highways

  • Brian T. Ingraham (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Webster Supervisor

  • Tom Flaherty (Democratic)
  • Ronald E. Nesbitt (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Webster Town Justice

  • Jean M. Celian (Democratic/Working Families)
  • David T. Corretore (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Webster Member of Town Council (2)

  • Danielle M. Palermo-Jimenez (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Alison V. Petrillo (Democratic)
  • John J. Cahill (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • William G. Abbott (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Wheatland Supervisor

  • Linda M. Dobson (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Wheatland Town Clerk

  • Laurie B. Czapranski (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Wheatland Town Justice

  • Harold H. Litteer, Jr. (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Wheatland Member of Town Council (2)

  • Howard C. Hazelton (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Carl L. Schoenthal (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

Wheatland Superintendent of Highways 2 Year Term

  • Joshua L. Davis (Republican/Conservative)

East Rochester

East Rochester Village Mayor

  • John R. Alfieri (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

East Rochester Village Trustee (2)

  • Mark D. McDermott (Democratic/Working Families/Green)
  • Mark A. Florack (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
  • Vincent E. Raschiatore (Republican/Conservative/Independence)


Fairport Village Trustee (2)

  • Michael A. Folino (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Emily E. Mischler (Democratic/Working Families)
  • Chamberlain R. Rattelade (Republican/Conservative/Independence
  • Steven E. Schalabba (Republican/Conservative/Independence)

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