ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Sandwiched between jokes referencing “wiener dogs” and local legislators’ weight, podcast co-hosts LaVelle Lewis and City Councilman Jose Peo landed themselves in hot water with comments about Peo’s coworker.

On the June 15 episode of Politically Correcting Peo, Lewis can be heard making jokes of a sexual nature about City Council Vice President Mary Lupien.

On Wednesday, Peo released an apology statement and later that evening, addressed the comments on their 8 p.m. podcast.

“To any colleague who was offended two weeks ago we derailed quite a bit from the original mission of the podcast,” Peo said. “I was slow to react we were talking about new gun laws, I was simply caught off guard and didn’t know how to react in the moment.”

Lewis went on to say that part of the appeal of the podcast is that they speak from their hearts and minds.

“I apologize for how it was taken, but I’m not apologizing for opening my mouth. I would never do that,” Lewis said.

Both Lewis and Peo also defended their actions by saying they have had strong women on the show before and had said positive things about women.

During their June 15 conversation about the “red-haired flame,” Peo can be heard preemptively shrugging off the comments. “It’s not me — I always get yelled at,” Peo said. “It has nothing to do with me.”

“I guarantee you if the ginger went out with me on a date, I guarantee you she’d let me beat it up the same day,” Lewis said about Lupien, insinuating the two would have sex.

“Would I want to beat it up? […] She couldn’t get it, she would get denied,” Lewis said, adding that Lupien would have to pay for dinner should the two go out. “Yo, you better use that tax money, f*** that.”

While Lupien is not mentioned by name in the video, Peo does name her in his June 29 apology.

The following statement was issued by the city councilman Wednesday:

Rochester, NY: Councilman Jose Peo has taken accountability and apologizes to Councilmember Lupien for not ending the lewdness of his cohost in a 90-minute Politically Correcting Podcast from 14 days ago.

But a simple apology means nothing when your actions don’t change, and that is what he will do on his podcast, starting immediately. His final statement about this issue will air LIVE tonight on his Politically Correcting Podcast at 8 p.m., where it will be addressed right at the onset, and hopes that the historical friction between his co-host Lavelle Lewis and Councilperson Lupien would end immediately and amicably.

In 2019, Peo was elected to represent the Northwest District in Rochester for a four-year term.