ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester’s City Council held a public meeting Tuesday night to vote on various proposals, including the purchase of a gaming trailer.

The Mobile Gaming Unit will be deployed by the Community Affairs Division. The trailer, which will cost $145,000, will feature TV screens, video game systems, and bench seating.

“It will be utilized by various departments, including the Rochester Police Department to do community outreach,” said City Council President Miguel Melendez.

He added it won’t cost the taxpayer anything, “This is a grant that’s coming by way of ‘DASNY’, which is a state agency,” he said.

The Town of Greece launched its gaming trailer known as “Greece’s Gaming on the Go,” which was featured at some events around the town.

Discharged from the committee and a ‘go’– authorizing the sale of the East End Parking garage off of East Main. Melendez said selling parking garages comes down to revenue and maintenance. 

“We’re doing that for a multitude of reasons— one is parking garages are a bear to maintain. And they also don’t generate enough revenue for the upkeep to keep things going, so we’re looking at all of our options.”

The proposed sale of the East End Parking Garage was made by the University of Rochester. UR will continue to operate the garage as a public parking facility.

Being held in committee: authorizing the sale of the Washington Square, Mortimer Street, and Court Street parking garages. That will be decided next month.

City Council also gave the green light Tuesday to a $60,000 body-worn camera grant, a gun-involved violence elimination, or GIVE, grant, and an agreement for the Rochester City School District to amend their budget to allow overtime police services during summer school. Councilmember Stanley Martin was a ‘nay’ on the last two motions.