CABLE Act controversy remains unsettled as parties differ on approach, timing

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In response to intense criticism from Monroe County Democrats, local GOP leaders said they’re willing to negotiate.

This week the Republican majority in the Monroe County Legislature took steps to add more controls over the county executive before Republican Cheryl Dinolfo hands over power to Democrat Adam Bello.

Republicans said this legislation adds more transparency to the process. They said it doesn’t change much, but that it’s needed to maintain checks and balances in county government. However, nothing like this has been proposed in the past four years that Cheryl Dinolfo has been county executive. In fact, Democrats proposed some of the same things, which never went through.

GOP officials on if they’ll pass CABLE Act before Bello is sworn in: ‘We’ll see’

Dr. Joe Carbone, the President of the Monroe County Legislature, said, “Well obviously it’s a whole new game. We have a Democratic county executive. You know, you’re jumping the gun. We just introduced this, we still have to have a public forum we still have to negotiate we still have to vote on it. Nothing has changed. The county executive is still gonna put his whole team in place.”

The majority leader, Brian Marianetti, said the GOP can’t lose their teeth. “Was there a desire an interest in maybe getting this done at the end of the legislative cycle, yes. If it doesn’t, that’s okay. If we can work towards that bipartisan bill, we’ll do that,” he said.

Republicans said they still have to negotiate the bill with Adam Bello, who they say they’ve reached out to. Bello said he’s not doing it.

“I was not elected to participate in a process like this. I am not going to engage in a negotiation that is happening behind closed doors, that’s outside of the normal process, that is part of some matter of urgency at the last hour at the last month, at the last moment, to radically transform how county government operates”

Bello on GOP’s controversial CABLE Act: ‘None of this even makes sense’

Kathleen Donovan is a political science professor at St. John Fisher College. She said Democrats see the urgency as questionable.

“What is a matter of urgency? The full house is still going to have to vote on it – the Democrats see it as a purely political move rather than a true matter of urgency,” Donovan said.

Republicans didn’t deny the possibility the bill could be signed before Bello takes office.Dr. Carbone said if they can’t reach an agreement with Bello and the minority, they’ll consider tabling the legislation.

County executive Cheryl Dinolfo wasn’t available for an on-camera interview on Thursday, but said this in a statement:

The recently submitted Cable Act of 2019 is another opportunity for the majority and minority office and the new administration to work together in the spirit of bipartisanship and create a working plan moving forward. I am pleased to hear the majority caucus has offered to work with their partners in government on the cable act and I encourage all parties to continue to work together on behalf of the people of Monroe County.”

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