Finding the Genesee River’s starting point

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GOLD, Penn. (WROC) — The Genesee River has played a pivotal role in development throughout Rochester’s history. While most in our region are familiar with the waterway, and some spots along the way like High Falls, less may know where the river actually begins.

For that, you’ll have to travel south and cross the state border to get into Potter County, Pennsylvania.

In a town called Gold, on a farm at the top of a country hilltop, you’ll find where the Genesee River begins.

From that point the river zigs, zags, and meanders about 157 miles, dropping in elevation before it reaches Rochester and empties into Lake Ontario.

The specific origin point is known as the “Triple Divide,” as the Allegheny River and Susquehanna River also begin there. It’s the only triple divide east of the Mississippi River.

The Genesee passes over six major waterfalls on its way to the great lake, three at Letchworth State Park, and three more in Rochester.

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