Local jobs left unfilled as industries deal with worker shortages


IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — There are hundreds of jobs open across the Rochester area, but there remains a a shortage of job seekers.

A new Rochester Chamber of Commerce career portal just launched to help connect businesses with employees. At the same time, a local hiring company has been busy trying to fill positions. 

Leaders point to the pandemic and even unemployment benefits as some of the reasons workers are choosing to stay home. 

“We’re crazy busy it’s non-stop right now I would say we have close to 200-300 open jobs right now [at rbstaffing.com],” said Adam Smith, VP of Sales and service.

Smith says there are even more jobs on a new online portal from the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, the Greater ROC Careers Portal, adding that the number of open positions has been growing since the start of the pandemic, with industries like medicine and manufacturing hit hard.

“I think it’s a combination of the fact that there are some individuals who have not come back to work yet that were out of work, missing work because of, you know, because of the pandemic or because they were taking advantage of some of the stimulus packages that were provided,” said Smith.

One of the problems is connecting job seekers with open positions, That’s why the chamber’s new Greater ROC Careers Portal is looking to bridge that gap.

“Our marking efforts right now are really focused on getting out into the community, working with all the different partner agencies, how can we drive more traffic into the portal and trying to meet candidates where they are at,” said Barb Egenhofer, Director of Talent Strategy for Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

The portal just Launched but already has just under 5,000 positions open with around 50 companies signing up. 

“There’s just a very broad and deep need to make this connection a lot easier for employers and employees,” said Egenhofer.

Both The Greater ROC Careers portal and Career start services for job seekers like resume building and career advice.

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