IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — The story of a beloved lifetime resident of Irondequoit was shared with News 8 on Sunday.

Norpert Rappl passed in March at the age of 91 and his contributions to the community were remembered Sunday.

According to his family after Mr. Rappl’s time in the military he began to play an active role in the community, engaging in numerous clubs and associations, holding several leadership positions along the way.

“Most people will do something, they’ll volunteer, and then they say, time to pass this on to somebody else who can work. He never sat back, he always stayed involved,” said daughter of Rappl, Carolyn Rappl-Maier.

Carolyn added that her father had remained active up until his death, volunteering for several more organizations just before his passing.

She and others recall how he continuously supported Irondequoit and refused to leave the area for as long as he lived there.