ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Town of Irondequoit held a public presentation Thursday evening to detail 2023 reassessment plans. Officials say the reassessment will make sure properties’ assessed values match their market values.

Town leaders say they have not done a market evaluation since 2018, and property values have increased since then. Budget information from 2022 will be used in the 2023 assessment, since that’s the most recent information available.

Officials say there are over 21,000 properties to be reevaluated, and over 19,000 residential homes. Residents will eventually be able to challenge the town’s assessment of their property by comparing similar houses on the market and making sure the town’s information is accurate.

The goal is to make sure property owners are paying their “fair share” according to the latest market values, meaning all properties “are assessed at a uniform percentage” of their value.

Grievance day —when residents will be able to make a case for lowering their assessment— is scheduled for May 23. The town says residents will have to file a four page form called the RP-524. The review will not cost money.

Click here to watch the full presentation on the 2023 reassessment.