IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Wednesday night brought a packed crowd to an Irondequoit fire station, in a forum held by 43 North Real Estate.

The company is looking to buy the old St. Thomas school on the corner of St. Paul and Colebrook Drive, next to the still-open St. Thomas the Apostle Church. The company wants to turn it into either high-end apartments or retail development.

As News 8 reported Monday, some residents are rallying to stop any development from happening, arguing that the whole area would see a change in property values, zoning rules, and the character of the street. have to be re-zoned, would affect property values, and would change the character of the street.

Not everyone though is opposed to the project. Life-long Irondequoit resident Jeremy Smalline says he wants to see parts of the town progress– that starts with developments like this.

He feels making an investment in transforming the old school, means the town will grow. Should they make this a retail place, that’s fine. He feels the immediate area lacks quality businesses. If it’s high-end apartments they decide on, that could mean more people choosing to live here. 

“I think Irondequoit is in a place right now where we need to start thinking forward and look at how we can retain the people and attract more people to move to Irondequoit and this is one project I think that could do it,” he said.

The Town of Irondequoit told News 8 they have not received an application for rezoning the area yet, and would not comment further on the matter. Those in favor of redevelopment have started a petition