Every year, the best senior basketball players in Section V get one last high school hurrah in the Ronald McDonald Senior All-Star game.

But, not this year.

However, we will not let these seniors go quietly into the night of their high school hoops career. There is one final chance at glory.

They get to play Horse.

Not just one game, however. We’ve got a whole tournament for them. Eight boys and eight girls going shot for shot until we crown one champion.

If you don’t know Horse, the rules are simple. Player 1 announces a type of basketball shot and attempts it. If Player 1 misses, then Player 2 can attempt any type of shot. If Player 1 makes, then Player 2 must make the same shot as called or described.

If a made shot by either player is followed by a miss, the second player to shoot (the one who missed) is given a “letter”. The first letter is “H”, the second is “O” and so on. The first player to fully spell out “H-O-R-S-E” loses.

All of our Section V contestants are members of the Ronald McDonald Senior All-Star teams. They are required to have a hoop at home or nearby where they can play. No parks or gyms will be used. The games are played via Zoom with a News 8 Sports Department member serving as the judge and moderator.

No cheering sections are allowed. Only the player and a “photographer” are on the court. There is no dribbling prior to a shot. No dunks or layups are allowed.

The games will debut on News 8 at 5:30 p.m. starting Memorial Day Monday. They will run Monday-Thursday for three weeks: Week 1 is the quarterfinals. Week 2 is the semifinals. Week 3 will host the boys and girls final on Monday and Tuesday with the overall championship game on Thursday.

Updated Brackets (6/11/20)

Girls bracket

Boys bracket

Round 1

Chloe Whittier vs. Katie Bischoping

Kobe Long vs. Andrew Mason

Isabella DeRubeis vs. Emily Tabone

Benji Kemp vs. Riley Stella

Andra Savage vs. Baylee Teal

Zechariah Harris-Scott vs. Jaden Hartsfield

Nyara Simmons vs. Jenna LaMere

Liam Prendergast vs. Josh Green

Round 2

Chloe Whittier vs. Isabella DeRubeis

Kobe Long vs. Benji Kemp

Nyara Simmons vs Andra Savage

Zechariah Harris-Scott vs. Josh Green

Round 3

Girls Final: Andra Savage vs. Isabella DeRubeis

Boys final: Kobe Long vs. Josh Green

Round 4: Home Hoops Tournament Championship

Grand finale: Kobe Long vs. Isabella DeRubeis

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will continue to update this page with bracket results, H-O-R-S-E videos, and more.