WEBSTER, NY (WROC) — Many are left with the question of what to do with their trees every year after the holidays are over. This year, Sam Bonanno offered an alternative to just throwing it out: Feed it to her goats.

“The trees are really nutrient-dense, the pine needles are…it’s got a lot of vitamin A vitamin C antioxidants that have like some deworming properties for their digestive tracts,” said Bonanno.

Despite their small size she says they can tear down a whole tree in about a week between the five of them. As of now, Bonanno says she has more than enough to keep them satisfied.

“We got about five just since yesterday so a few people have dropped some off for us and we picked a few up and I turned down no less than 10 others,” said Bonanno.

While they can often be a lot of work, and loud she does remark they do a lot. From acting as a mental reset after a hard day at work and school with their antics, to even contributing fresh compost for the garden every year.