ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Spending Thanksgiving in the County Jail or responding to emergencies may not sound ideal to most, but for First Responders, working the Holiday shows there’s still important work to be done.

Alex Love shows us a firsthand look with Monroe County Deputies inside their jail, while paramedics make sure this Thanksgiving will not be anyone’s last. 

We sat down with EMTs with Monroe Ambulance who notice call volumes can go down on holidays but the seriousness of them does not change so it takes extra convincing to get them to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Monroe County Deputies at the jail gave us a firsthand look at how they keep the facility secured.  

She may not be at the Thanksgiving dinner table at home, but Deputy Shenek Watkins considers the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office her second family. Despite the holiday, each shift is close to fully staffed with similar duties to get done.  

“There is very limited court, no school, no inside activities from civilians outside,” Deputy Watkins said. “But other than that, it’s just a normal day.” 

Even on Thanksgiving, the Monroe County Jail is still open to visitors to see people they know incarcerated. Deputies use this extra time to also check their mental health stays strong.  

“We got to be a little more on our P’s and Q’s because making sure no one is not feeling good or upset,” Deputy Watkins continued. “Or whatever it may be because they’re not with their loved ones. So, the most pressing calls we might get is to check on their loved ones to make sure they’re ok.”  

Out on the streets, Monroe Ambulance Paramedics are arriving to calls where people are more resistant to go to the Hospital because it’s Thanksgiving. Lt. Angelica Fogg explains how they adjust their approach.  

“I think it’s just important for providers to show a lot of empathy with the situation because obviously, no one wants to go to the hospital on Thanksgiving,” Lt. Fogg told us. “But you have to because if you don’t go you might miss your next holiday with your family. So, it’s important to keep track of your health.”  

No matter what day it is, Lt. Fogg urges everyone not to hesitate to call 9-1-1 because they will get the right resources for any other day.  

“A lot of people feel a little embarrassed calling or always saying I’m sorry you’re wasting your time on me which is not the attitude we ever want from our patients,” Lt. Fogg added. “So, we just try to reassure them just because you have something going on doesn’t mean you’re taking resources away from someone who doesn’t.”  

Both these agencies we spoke to had Turkey and other meals delivered to their afternoon and evening crews to share on their breaks as a work celebration. Those incarcerated at the County Jail also had Turkey included in their lunch.