WEBSTER, NY (WROC) — A tradition on Thanksgiving Day for some is a bit of “pre-gaming” before the big feast. Places like Burke’s Bar and Grill in Webster and Shamrock Jack’s in Irondequoit were filled with folks eager to kick off their Thanksgiving right. But it was also about finding that sense of family and community again for the first really “normal” Thanksgiving in a few years.

Rachel Sippel with Burke’s says they have been open on Thanksgiving for 60 years– to give those who might not have a home to go to, a sense of family. 

“You love some of them. Others you also love… in a different way,” she said laughing.

Paul Markwitz said if your family gets under your skin tonight, they’d love to see you here. “You can always take a break on Thanksgiving day and show up at Burke’s,” he said.

And as a plus today, the Buffalo Bills took on the Detroit Lions drawing in a few extra folks. 
“The Bills game will be on. Have a couple of beers and watch that,” said Austin Steffer.

At Shamrock Jack’s, there was no holding back. Bills fans were there in the morning gearing up for the game, having breakfast (and breakfast beers). Some locals, rooting for the other guys. 

“I’m born and raised here in Rochester, but I’m also a Lions fan,” said Eric Sampognaro.

Coming to Shamrock Jack’s on Thanksgiving is something that goes back decades according to Pete Garofolo & Bryan Myers. “And I tell you, seeing everybody on Thanksgiving… the holidays are huge for friends.”

Manager Mike Petzing says after a few years, business is finally starting to bounce back. The Bills are key to bringing in the bunches. 

“Just to see people… crowded… and having fun and singing with the band all in unity (again),” said Petzing.

Shamrock Jack’s will also be open Friday afternoon for the World Cup.