ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Parents picking up their children from Hilton School District today shared their experience after being notified of a bomb threat. This coming after an anonymous email claiming pipe bombs were planted in each of the schools, the main office, and the superintendent’s house.

A normal morning turned into a chaotic one after Hilton School District got word of an anonymous email threatening to bomb the schools. Lydia Picente, a 3rd grader at Quest Elementary said she heard an alarm while at the library and was told to go back to her classroom. The school was then evacuated. She says she thought it was an animal in the building, but later found out about the threat to the school.

Parents and guardians received a robocall from the school or a phone call from their children, alerting them of the bomb threat to the schools. Dana Voldan-Curry, the mother of a first grader at Quest Elementary says she was at home when she got the call.

“I get a call that we all need to be here as soon as possible to pick up our child. We pull up and there’s this long line, and people have been waiting here for 30 minutes so forget the line. “

However, the severity of the situation almost fell flat for some parents and students. Andrew Mangicapre, a father of a high schooler says these situations are becoming too common.

“Well we get so much of this now, it becomes almost banal unfortunately.”

Lydia and her brother Carter both say they weren’t scared. Lydia was actually more frightened when she thought it was an animal. Her explanation for this was that a “threat” is only a “maybe” meaning the bombs could be there, but maybe not.

Overall, the general consensus from parents was they thought the school district handled the threat the right way. Parents were called and able to pick up their children as schools evacuated. Some parents even saying they were glad they acted to be “safe rather than sorry.” And most importantly, all children returned home safe and the situation didn’t escalate.