HILTON, N.Y. (WROC) — A local school district is doing what it can to help parents and teachers with the cost of back to school supplies amid high inflation.

According to the national retail federation, inflation has increased the overall back to school cost by more than 40 percent as compared to 2019.

Hilton Central School District Superintendent Dr. Casey Kosiorek says the district decided to make a change when parents voiced their concerns about the increasing cost of school supplies.

“We reviewed across the elementary and secondary level of what students needed,” he said. “A lot of this will be folders, organizers, pens, pencils, paper. We provided the secondary with calculators that are needed or the math instruction and one of the things we do along with other districts across the county is provide individual technology as well.”

He says since the decision was made he has receieved positive feedback from the community.

“I ran into some parents in the community that are very very grateful for the fact that the district was thinking this way,” he said, “especially during a tough economic time through our state and country.”

Elmira schools announced a similar program earlier this week.