ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Hilton Central School District began the warning period of its rollout of the Monroe County School Bus Safety Program, as part of National School Bus Safety Week.

The warning period began Monday, but the program itself will begin on Wednesday, November 15. As a reminder of what the program entails, drivers will be issued citations if they illegally pass a stopped school bus.

During this warning period, if you were to pass by a school bus that is stopped — with it’s lights flashing and the stop sign arm out — you will receive a warning letter with no financial penalty.

But come November 15, if you were to do this, you would be fined $258 on a first-time offense. If you continue to do it within an 18-month period, each violation will see a $25 increase up to $300.

The program, according to Monroe County, will not impose points on licenses or affect insurance rates.

The Hilton School District is not the only one participating in the program — the East Irondequoit, Webster, and Spencerport school districts are also joining in. Monroe County Executive Adam Bello says all other suburban districts are eligible to participate. RCSD may implement its own version of the program.