ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — AJ and Carl are back with another great episode as the Section V season is really heating up. First, they discuss both the cold weather and their weird schedules as well as Brighton/HF-L hockey’s long-awaited win over Penfield (0:00-6:00). 

Pal-Mac girls basketball and Thomas boys basketball both knocked off undefeated teams this week, they earn our Team of the Week honors (6:00-16:20). The Titans did it in style, with Shawn Mason hitting a heave at the buzzer to end the third quarter. AJ breaks down the behind-the-scenes of getting that shot properly.

Penfield and Newark boys basketball are both on the rise, they get some love as our Under the Radar teams (16:20-24:10).

Finally, Penfield and Schroeder girls basketball, as well as Monroe and East boys, are set to give us some great games on Friday. We also open up the vault and share some great retro clips from a 1976 battle between Monroe and East (24:10-31:55).