ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Music is part of Victor Antonetti Jr.’s DNA.

His father started Orchestra Antonetti in 1970 for salsa lovers. Victor continues that tradition of live music today. He explains the title of his latest CD.

“So Pa Rato it means for a long time coming because there are so many musicians in the family. The younger generation are musicians”, Antonetti said.

Victor Antonetti’s parents moved to Rochester from Puerto Rico in the ’50s. His father, uncles, cousins and children are musicians. He admits he comes from a family of workaholics. Victor also serves as Director of Marketing for Poder 97.1 Rochester’s first 24-hour Latin radio station.

It is an affiliate of the Ibero-American Action League. Victor calls it the voice of the community.

Asked what his primary job is Victor pauses, laughs and then replies, “Oh boy! My main job is Ibero American Action League as director and my other main job is the owner of the Avalon.”

The Avalon Roc is a thriving events venue in the heart of Rochester’s Hispanic community. Victor started the business in 2018 as a place where folks can celebrate and enjoy music and live entertainment. Victor’s daughter Jayslynn Antonetti and aunt Bienvenida Antonetti help him manage and operate the Avalon. “He’s a jack of all trades.” his daughter said. “A go-getter, a hustler,” his aunt added. Both were quick to add that he’s a proud family man who is dedicated to the community.

Like so many other entrepreneurs Victor says he had to be innovative during the pandemic.

He said, “we would have little barbeques outside and have people come with their cars and drive through just to make rent and stay afloat.”

A steady stream of bookings for private parties, comedy shows, concerts and corporate events keep Victor busy these days. But he also finds time to host community-wide gatherings such as Taco Tuesday. It’s a day set aside each month to give Chef Flaca, a small business owner without a facility a chance to succeed. He says, “that’s a way for me to help entrepreneurs and people in the community to start their own business.”

Victor Antonetti, Jr. is a talented musician, a savvy businessman and a dedicated community leader. Three characteristics that caught the attention of the Rochester Hispanic Business Association. RHBA Chair Lisa DeVinney said “he really embodies everything we were looking for in a Hispanic businessperson of the year.”

RHBA made the surprise announcement in July. Victor says he’s still in shock and grateful to his family and so many people who help him make a difference in the community. He was among a dozen business leaders nominated for the award this year.

The Hispanic Businessperson of the Year 2022 luncheon hosted by RHBA was scheduled for Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center.