ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The New York State Office of Cannabis Management agreed to settle a lawsuit yesterday against a Michigan business owner.

The lawsuit kept recreational dispensaries in the Finger Lakes from being approved for a CAURD license like so many other regions had. MJ Dispensary in Henrietta is just waiting to open and now that the lawsuit has been settled, the owner may get approval for his license to do so as soon as next month.

According to the OCM, the lawsuit placed an injunction on five of New York’s regions, preventing the distribution of licenses for recreation cannabis dispensaries.

Back in March, the injunction was lifted for all regions, except the Finger Lakes, until yesterday. The New York State OCM agreed to settle the lawsuit yesterday, meaning the CAURD program can move forward in the Finger Lakes Region.

MJ Dispensary owner Ryan Martin says this is exciting. He says 18 licenses could get approved at next month’s Cannabis Control Board meeting. Martin is hoping they’ll be one of those called.

Once Martin’s CAURD license is approved, he can move on to next steps. He says there are quite a few steps afterwards including providing documents like standard operating procedures and security procedures, as well as getting site approval, both virtually and in-person.

Once his shop is up and running, Martin is looking to give back to local schools too. He hopes to use some of his earnings to provide one inner city school each year with paid lunches and technology, such as tablets.

The date for the next Cannabis Control Board meeting is set for June 15.