Police offer guidance for parents about celebrating Halloween safely


ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — We’re only days away from Halloween, the one night of the year it is ok to scare people and have fun with it. But Police still advise parents to sit down with their kids before they go out, so they know what to look out for and avoid trouble.  

It can be more difficult when everyone is walking around in masks and costumes with weapons that you cannot easily tell are real or not to know who is just tricking or treating and who is up to no good in your community. But if you plan and know what to look out for, RPD says the city can get through Halloween without adding any more homicides or serious crime stats to what a troubling year it has already been.  

First off if you see someone tricking your house or vandalizing other properties, Police advise you to do not engage because that can quickly escalate to violence and someone getting hurt or innocent children caught in crossfires as we have seen before.  

Instead, flash your lights to show you see them and then call 9-1-1 or if you’re a trick or treater back away and notify an adult. This is why it’s also important to plan out your route on where you’re walking so you know it’s safe and what street you’ll be on so you can give a location if you call for help.  

No matter how old your kids are, police urge at least one parent or responsible adult to walk with your kids to keep an eye on them and where they’re going. But also to keep an eye on anyone dressed up in costumes but acting suspiciously.  

“Anybody who is not walking from house to house is probably not there to trick or treat,” Rochester Police Public Information Officer Carlos Alvarado said. “So make sure they are trick or treating. If they’re just hanging out and just staring at people they’re not there to trick or treat. Just being aware of your surroundings and walking in groups is very encouraging. I encourage all parents to please talk to your kids to never enter a house for trick or treating, it’s not safe.”  

When out in the streets parents should also make sure their kids have on at least some type of light-colored clothing and have flashlights so it’s easier for drivers to see them and always pull off their masks when crossing the road which should only be at crosswalks.  

Finally, make sure you save all that candy and not eat it in one night or you’ll get sick. Parents, this means you too.  

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