Greece woman honors her late husband with his final wish, to keep up his Halloween display


GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — Last year, like many years before, Andy Schneider of Greece made an incredible Halloween display at his home in Greece.

He didn’t know it would be his last. Andy passed away in July, after a long fight with cancer, at only 53 years old.

But now in 2021, the display and his memory, are back, and here to stay for his favorite season.

Andy’s wife, Vita Schneider was the one who resurrected this haunted display, something the two shared every Halloween for their 20 years together. They lived in Spencerport and Henrietta before moving to Greece, where they had spent the past seven years.

Vita welcomes everyone who wants to — and can handle the frights — to visit their home on Berkshire Drive in Greece. If you can’t find it, she says you’ll be able to hear it from a mile away.

“He died in hospice at Hildebrandt, it was bittersweet,” Vita said, standing in front of their display. “But right there is where he made me make this promise, that I would definitely make it happen.”

She said that Halloween was always near and dear to him, allowing people to see his amazing work, and enjoy a fright together.

“He prided himself on all of these beautiful people from his favorite movies,” she said, gesturing to the Michael Myers display, saying that the fictional killer was his favorite, even saying Andy called the Myers mannequin his “firstborn son.”

Both Vita was bold enough to add new additions, too. Most are on the “haunted table” in the middle of the yard, and includes the Whitewalker mask he was going to wear this Halloween, and even a new character named “Otis.”

But she didn’t do it alone; she was armed with a special guide for where the displays went. using News 8’s previous story to get the positions just right. But she had more important help.

“It wasn’t just family , it was good friends of my sons, showed up, our neighbors from across the street,” she said “Seeing everyone pull up… It choked me up a little bit, and I think Andy would smile from ear to ear, beaming saying look at the friends and family I’ve got, that respected and cared about something that meant a lot to him.”

With all Hallow’s Eve on the horizon, Andy may have given up the ghost, but he’s here in spirit — his photo is even perched on the porch, next to their chairs — over looking his beloved wife and display.

But if it’s not somehow not perfect, Vita says her haunting husband will pay her a visit.

“If know Andy, he wanted to pay until Halloween night, his favorite holiday ever, if I’m going to see and hear anything, it will be Halloween night,” she said.

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