Greece man builds Halloween displays, helps him cope with personal battle


GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — Andrew Schneider says Halloween is his favorite holiday.

“Now I’m an adult its all about scaring everybody,” he said.

That’s why he builds all of the figurines in his yard – skulls, gravestones, skeletons and scenic layouts. “People drive by all the time get out of car walk around take selfies,” Schneider said.

He’s also a big movie fan – and incorporates Halloween classics into these figurines. “Michael Myers from Halloween, Jason from Friday the 13, Freddy Kreuger Nightmare on Elm.”

What you won’t tell just by looking at him – is he’s battling a type of kidney cancer. “I was diagnosed with Renal Carcinoma last April, and just learned to live with it. It spread to my bones. I’m getting chemo every day to fight it from spreading,” he said.

Schneider says he is taking it one day at a time, and says thankfully, doctors say he still has years to live. “I’m young, 53, looking at years not months as long as treatment helps.”

He says being able to put his energy into something that makes his neighbors so happy – get’s his mind off of the cancer. And the work, is worth it.

Schneider says pursuing his yearly ritual, while dealing with a personal struggle of his own taught him valuable life lessons, too.

“Just like baking, try and try again. I didn’t just build one figure and it was perfect, I had to learn from experience, throw this away start a new one.”

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