ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With gas prices rising, many are looking for ways to soften the blow to their wallet.

Some are turning to Rochester’s extensive network of bike paths and lanes, which, according to Reconnect Rochester Cycling Manager Jesse Peers, are still expanding.

“Last year was huge because they [City of Rochester] added 20 additional miles to its bike boulevard network,” Peers said.

One of the biggest projects they have been working on advocating for is the bike boulevard lanes, which keep riders off of the busiest streets and on less traveled residential streets.

Peers says this is good for riders of all abilities, and those who face some apprehension riding on the main roads.

Despite previous pandemic-related shortages of bikes, Shauna Lydon, the general manager of Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport, says bikes are in stock.

As demand increases again, Lydon has noticed an increase in the sales of e-bikes as riders are seeking an alternative mode of transportation for their commutes, errand runs, and other frequent trips.

The average price for a gallon of gasoline in Rochester continues to trend upward and currently sits at $4.98. Despite the recently-enacted gas tax suspension, prices will likely fail to see a major change into the summer.

According to Peers, a commute for city residents is only four miles on average. That distance can be easily completed on a bike going a “leisurely pace” in 20-25 minutes.