Editor’s note: A video containing incorrect information has been removed from this story. We regret the error.

GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — A Greece woman was arrested and charged with the shooting murder of her husband of 40 years along Vintage Lane in Greece Tuesday.

Officers with the Greece Police Department arrived at 549 Vintage Lane around 2:30 p.m. to find a man lying on his driveway. Investigators say he was shot in the head and did not survive.

The victim was identified early Wednesday morning as 72-year-old Rawleigh Andrews.

According to detectives, a rifle was located inside the residence after police executed a search warrant. Mrs. Skavon Andrews, who officials say lived with Rawleigh and was married to him for 40 years, was arrested at the scene of the shooting and charged with murder in the second degree.

Skavon is accused of pointing a .30-30 caliber lever action rifle at her husband’s head, pulling the trigger, and shooting Rawleigh in the right cheek, according to prosecutors.

The Greece woman pleaded not guilty to murder charges Wednesday. She is currently being held without bail. Police say this is an ongoing investigation and there is no further danger.

A portion of Vintage Lane surrounding the 500 block was periodically closed for investigation.

Jose Gonzalez lives nearby. “I went to get a haircut and my wife called me and she told me she heard the ‘boom’, and I headed back,” he said.

Gonzales said this kind of thing never happens here. “[I] didn’t expect it at all. It’s shocking to see all the police cars.”

Gina Angora says there have been plenty of car accidents here. But a shooting? That’s another level altogether. “This wasn’t the first thing that would have crossed my mind,” she said.

Angora says the home belongs to a couple and knows them, vaguely. “[They would be] outside doing normal things… getting into their car, things like that,” she said.


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