Petition asks Greece school board president to resign over controversial retweets


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — An area group has started a petition asking for the Greece Central School District Board of Education President, Sean McCabe, to step down. 

Black in the Burbs, an area grassroots organization, created the online petition after they say McCabe had some concerning retweets on his Twitter account. 

One of those retweets reads: “You know folks, I never cared that you were gay until you started shoving it down my throat, I never cared what color you were until you started blaming me for your problems, and I never cared about your political affiliation, until you started condemning me for mine. I really never even cared where you were born, until you wanted to erase my history, blame my ancestors for your problems you know I never even cared if your beliefs were different than mine, until you said my beliefs were wrong, but now I care, my patience and tolerance are gone, and I am not along in feeling like this, there are millions of us who feel like this.”

Another retweet had the following text and said #ConfederateHeritageMonth.

A third retweet say’s it’s racist to think that minorities are not capable of getting a picture ID to vote. 

Rashana Greene, a parent of two kids in the school district, spoke to News 8 about how these tweets made her feel. 

“Knowing the position that Mr. McCabe has as far as his visions, views, and values for the district is disappointing because I actually have no confidence that he is including my children when he speaks about his values and beliefs and a lot of those tweets and retweets validate that,” Greene said. 

Greene said she doesn’t want these messages to make families feel uncomfortable. 

“Greece is becoming a very diverse community and it’s growing increasingly and to know that someone who sits at that level carries those beliefs and to know we have an increasing number of black and brown students, LGBTQ students, that are in the community, it’s very, very unsettling,” she said. 

Tiffany Porter, Founder of Being Black in the Burbs, created the petition asking McCabe to resign. 

‘We do need to hit the ground and let folks know who their school board president is and what kind of things he’s been saying about his neighbors. I think it’s important to get out and connect with folks and let them know this is going on in their city, in your school district, and it’s harmful for your kids,” Porter said. 

A News 8 reporter spoke with McCabe on the phone. While he declined to go on camera or give an official statement, he did say these weren’t his words, they were retweets. 

News 8 also reached out to the district’s superintendent, Kathy Graupman. She declined to comment on the tweets. 

As a note, some of the tweets we reference in this article have been deleted on McCabe’s page. 

McCabe is serving his fifth three-year term on the Board of Education for the Greece Central School District. 

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